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Transparent. Accessible.

At Confluence Law we are committed to fully understanding the client perspective prior to identifying the best way forward. Our personalized, compassionate approach reduces stress while instilling confidence. 



By focusing on lean processes while mindfully leveraging the power of technology, we ensure affordable pricing for exceptional service. Our flexible fee structure allows clients to feel empowered, informed and in control. At Confluence Law, our clients are our partners.

Whether you're seeking advice, support, or guidance around terminations, hiring, leave, or workplace investigations, Confluence Law is the partner you're looking for.

We offer advisory and support services or full representation for immigration applications. 

We have been working with Catherine for many years in relation to immigration services and have never been disappointed.


Catherine is always available to deal with our requests, no matter the time of day and continually manages to reduce stress for our organization and our employees.


The fee structure at Confluence Law is easily understandable and reasonable. As an organization, we are greatly appreciative of Catherine’s work and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a competent, efficient and relatable lawyer.  



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