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Why should I engage Confluence Law?


It’s important to find a lawyer that fits with you, your values and your priorities. Catherine McAteer is focused on conflict resolution and practical outcomes. She ensures her clients feel heard and takes proactive measures to reduce stress whenever possible.


She understands that cost is of critical importance, so she will provide a transparent fee structure that allows clients to feel certain and in control of the cost.



Do you offer free consultations?


In life and in law, you get what you pay for. For this reason, we do not offer free consultations. It is important to spend dedicated time on every matter, even those that initially appear to be straightforward. It may only take ten minutes for an opinion, however, the opinion is derived from 15+ years of legal training and experience. Employment and Immigration matters are highly fact specific and key pieces of information can be missed if a consult is limited to a quick telephone call or some rushed, off the cuff advice. 


Most engagements with Confluence Law begins with a basic consultation billed at a flat fee, which will be quoted in advance*. Many situations can be resolved in a single consultation, as the goal is to provide concrete advice and practical assistance. At the consultation, Catherine will provide you with a detailed cost estimate of what fees the next steps might incur, as well as an informed opinion regarding the likelihood of success. In many cases, we will proceed to a limited scope engagement at a fixed fee.

*In the case where an engagement follows, the consultation fee will be applied to offset project costs. Please note, the consultation fee will not be applied to projects that are billed hourly. Fees will always be confirmed prior to booking as they are subject to change.

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